Monday, May 10, 2010

Museum of Communism reveals this scourge of humanity is all of its twisted and sadistic "glory"

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have for decades been paraded about as the unchallenged ogres of history. But now Der Fuehrer has some stiff competition – an online “museum” that compares Communism to Nazism, and does a very creditable job of knocking the SS out of first place in the international Hall of Shame. The gloves are off. The party is over. It is about time.

Many years ago – let’s call it 1960 or so – socialism, communism, Marxism and their ilk, began to break on U.S. shores like a tsunami. We didn’t know what a tsunami was. Worse, we had little understanding of the philosophical cancer that was about to attack the vitals of American society.

This sorry scourge, masquerading as a “workers’ paradise”, had its latent beginnings in Russia, China, Latin America and elsewhere. It was a product of unrest, jealousies as big as nations, atheism, and misguided theories which held that men could abide by “rules” providing for equal division and allotment of land, wealth, resources, capital and power.

There were several fatal flaws – it couldn’t work, and it didn’t. Liberties could not be equally shared except in a free society. The Communist system devoured the masses it was supposed to help. It favored egomaniacs, murderers, schemers and empty, merciless monsters devoid of conscience, honesty and mercy.

But, you say, this is fascism, Nazism, and radical rightist beliefs run rampant. Surely these are the misguided, immoral, insidious systems we describe, and which we are obligated to despise. What else could take the place of these warped philosophies that honorable and reasonable men prefer to hate?

What, indeed? Communism perhaps? Hasn’t communism been given short shrift? Haven’t a generation or two of U.S. liberals suffered near fatal injury to their collective backbones ducking and weaving to avoid a general admission of the dark side of communism and other radical left-wing philosophies? Hasn’t Hitler, monster that he was, been given too much publicity to the exclusion of other demented despots? Why do we neglect to expose the mass of evidence that a politically inspired death is a life taken wrongfully, despicably, whether committed by heathens of right or left?

Because this awareness has been obscured by a conspiracy of “news” organizations whose main objective seems to be to whitewash the track record and failures of Communism. We will not have an excuse any longer – an excuse not to know. Now there is a Museum of Communism. This column will explore the long-hidden facts exposed in this exciting, unique information base, connecting all the dots about Communism, a sordid system of efficient ways to enslave, deprive, torture and kill masses of innocents. This is only the first installment drawn from an inside look at this remarkable study by Prof. Bryan Caplan:

The Museum of Communism is an online, "virtual" museum that provides historical, economic and philosophical analysis of the political movement know as Communism. The Museum of Communism is an online, "virtual" museum that provides historical, economic, and philosophical analysis of the political movement known as Communism.

An overwhelming consensus of historians from a wide range of political viewpoints concludes that the human rights violations of Communist regimes have been enormous - often greater, in fact, than those of the infamous Nazi Germany. Yet public awareness of the major crimes of Communist regimes remains minimal. The purpose of the Museum of Communism is to disseminate this information, combining high scholarly standards with an entertaining format.

The founder and curator of the museum is Prof. Bryan Caplan, who recently received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University, and has just joined the economics department of George Mason University. The study of Communism and webpage design have been two of his long-time avocations; unless otherwise stated, he is the sole author of all material in the Museum of Communism.

This is a breakthrough work – an unvarnished and unapologetic portrait of the evil we call Communism. Prof. Caplan has drawn together in one place a definitive body of information about Communism, and the mass media conspiracy in America’s “free press” to hide and ignore the truths about it.

The fortunate thing is that this information has not been filtered through the cunning and deceptive mind of the so-called “mainstream” media in this, the world’s greatest bastion of freedom.

Read it, learn, and be aware. Communism is the enemy of all – those who are its victims, those who do not learn to recognize it, and those who do understand and work proactively to expose it for what it is.

Communism can effectively compete with Nazism by every measure – misery, deceit, displacement, imprisonment, starvation, torture, death. This study does not attempt in any way to minimize the atrocities of the Holocaust. But Nazism should not hold center stage anymore. This new informational chamber of horrors constructed by Prof. Caplan may ensure that it will not.

Visit the "Museum of Communism":

Of course, there's now a "new kid" on the block. Radical Islam. It's manic, muderous, heinous, hateful. We'll take a closer look at this scourge in another column soon.

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